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  1. Uncertainty Drive 
    (steel, concrete, electronics), 2017

    Solo at LOKO Gallery, Tokyo
    Un/Green at the Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga

    Uncertainty Drive is a sonic environment. At the heart of it's real-time composition lies a natural source of constrained randomness that is presented via a computational process to render results as a sound composition. The artwork illustrates the emission of ionised particles by means of sonification. The fluctuating element of randomness within this construction is delta time interval between two consecutive impulses which cannot be precisely predicted. The detected impulses serve as input data to a complex network of signal functions that form an analog computer designed to render results as an audible representation of emissions. 

    In contrast to rigid design within most of the man-made systems characterised by straight lines, right angles, regular pulses of rhythms; an order of a different kind can be encountered within the natural world. These phenomena are governed by an organisation that is not linear and can exhibit chaotic qualities. As Ilya Prigogine (1989), physical chemist and Nobel laureate, famously put it “instability and creativity are inherent to our world [..] In an unstable world, absolute control and precise forecasting are not possible.” We can identify the driving forces, but never calculate the exact result. Precisely these properties make the observation of physical systems valuable for art and design practice. By observing the physical world one might find that a constant state is as unlikely as is a large jump in value. Although there is constant change, it cannot be predicted precisely and also is not completely random. At the same time, we can perceive that the physical and organic systems are fluctuating in a state of dynamic equilibrium. 

    The author would like to expresses gratitude for support and collaboration on the project to: VKKF, Embassy of Latvia in Japan, Dr. Katsumi Shozugawa of the University of Tokyo, LOKO Gallery and Mr. Kazuhide Miyashita, Erica Synths, Modris Svilāns, Totaldobze, The Visionary Culture Foundation. 

  2. Documentation of research expedition to Fukushima region in Japan in 2017