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  1. Op. 34 (Emissions), 2014

    granite, electronics, wiring, 

    800 x 800 x 600cm 

    2015 Visionary Structures at BOZAR, Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles

    2014 Visionary Structures at the Latvian National Library, Riga

    Op. 34 is a sculptural composition of black granite surfaces, formed in a specified system of proportions. Using the resonance properties of stone, it creates a perceptible acoustic registration of waves/particles of ionising radiation. The choice of material is determined by its density and distinct resonance properties, which render the shape of the stone audible.

    The Emissions series of works construct a perceptual situation of superposition where rationally structured spatio-visual order and irrational yet objectively existing and physically observed sequence in time overlap. In the Op. 34 the observations of rhythm take place in real time. The applied rhythmical sequence is represents ionised waves/particles that travel through the exhibition space. 

    To conduct the recording of particles of ionising radiation – gamma rays and high energy beta rays – a Geiger-Müller counter is used. When a high energy particle crosses the electric field of the Geiger receptor, an avalanche discharge process takes place, allowing the presence of a particle to be detected. The installation transforms this electric impulse into another impulse, that causes the movement of the electromagnetic solenoid and pulses the stone surface, creating an acoustically observable event.

    Essay about Op.34 (.pdf)