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  1. I am participating in a residency produced by the New Theatre Institute of Latvia as part of ACT: Art, Climate, Transition network co-funded by Creative Europe are aimed at profound exploration of themes related to climate, social and economic justice and potential scenarios of change, and resulting in new artistic creation. Three artists from the Baltic region whose work is related to mentioned themes are invited to participate in Incurably Curious Residencies in 2020-2022: Voldemārs Johansons (LV), Lina Lapelytė (LT) and Jānis Balodis (LV). The research trajectory will be designed by artists themlseves and might include work in a studio or residency place, but it can also contain attending a conference, conducting fieldwork or working with specific communities, purchasing books, working at science lab, etc. The new artwork will be presented at Homo Novus festival in 2021 and 2022. 


    M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, October 2017
    Great Amber Concert hall, Liepaja, May 2017
    Festival Parallèle, Marseille, France, Jan 2017
    Kochi Biennale, India, Dec 2016 - Jan 2017
    Santarcangelo dei Teatri, Italy, July 2016

  3. Past:

    Undercurrents In April we will embark on a journey to the Svalbard archipelago (NO) in the high Arctic for the research and production of new cross-media work in collaboration with cinematographer Andrejs Rudzāts. Norwegian Saxophone virtuoso Rolf-Eric Nystrom will also join for the production of the soundtrack for the new work! 

    New work: DFSN_1
 Rotoscopic projection, 8 channel sound, dimensions variable.
    Performed at the at the White Night Forum of Contemporary Culture 2016 in Riga. 

    THIRST and Aero Torrents (2007) are presented at the WATER.WAR exhibition organized by the Gluon Foundation at the Budafabriek in Kortrijk (Belgium) 10.03.2016 - 26.06.2016. See the exhibition website here http://waterwar.be/

    Op.43 for Saxophones and live electronics, is performed by Voldemārs Johansons and Rolf-Eric Nystrom at the Skaņu Mežs festival in Rīga and Insomnia in Tromso (NO)

    THIRST installation premiere at HOMO NOVUS, the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre and the cultural forum “White Night” in Rīga

    Op.34 (Emmisions) in the exhibition “Visionary Structures” in BOZAR museum, Brussels, organized by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art and curator Ieva Astahovska.

    Op.39 (standingwaves) in the courtyard of the Riga Dome Cathedral

    Op.38 (standingwaves) in group show SKAN II / Skanumezs, Riga, Latvia Op.37 (Diffusion var. b) at FIELDS group show, the National Museum of Art Arsenals

    Op.35, music for ballet, commission by Latvian National Opera for production of R. Wagner’s
    opera Rienci (directed by Kirsten Dehlholm)

    "Diffusion" (var. b) at FIELDS, National Museum of Art Arsenāls, Riga 

    "Biotricity" at Project Genesis in Ars Electronica Center, Linz 

     Biotricity / Bacteria Battery project was presented during Dutch Technology Week in SchellensFabriek in  Eindhoven and at WRO biennale in Wroclaw until mid june. 

    Emissions was presented in LISTE Basel by Haus für elektronische Künste Basel.

    HIAP residency in Helsinki. 

    Attractors: Solo Show at Latvian National Museum of Art "Arsenāls". More info the in exhibitions section. 



  5. Compleated original music for Davis Simanis' documentary film "Chronicles of the Last Temple". In cinema "Splendid Palace" from November 23. Produced by Ego Media. 

  6. Bacterial Cells at Art of Resilience exhibition, RIXC Media Space, Riga, Latvia. Photo: Didzis Grodzs

    Bacterial Cells at Art of Resilience exhibition, RIXC Media Space, Riga, Latvia. Photo: Didzis Grodzs

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      Bacterial Cells at Art of Resilience exhibition, RIXC Media Space, Riga, Latvia. Photo: Didzis Grodzs

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      Art of Resilience exhibition opening. October 4, RIXC Media Space, Riga, Latvia. Photo: Didzis Grodzs

    Project "Biotricity" at the rixc media space, part of "Art of Resilience" festival. Exhibition open till November 4, Working Hours: 12.00-19.00. 

    The edition of ARTnord magazine is dedicated to sound art and features an article by Emeline Eudes about my work