Built with Berta.me

    , 2018 

    Sound, data, light, MHD cell 

    Fluctuation is a constant state both in the physical and human world. On Earth, it can be observed in a very direct way: seismic events such as tectonic shifts, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes take place in different parts of the planet.The Oscillations installation relies on realtime seismic data feeds served by GEOFON global seismological broad-band network and IRIS consortium: thousands of seismographic monitoring stations positioned around the globe provide data about surface vibrations of the Earth. 

    The piece reflects on the continuous seismic activity by staging an environment for observation and experience of these events in a sonic and visual domains. The experimental setup at the heart of installation falls within the study discipline of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) and connects principles of physics that manifest on a micro and macro scales. Oscillations function by transduction of the Earth’s vibrations to the surface of MHD cell. Fluid, like the earth’s molten core, the eutectic alloy is essentially a metal in a liquid state. 

    The highly reflective surface functions as a fluid mirror and is deformed in sync with seismic activity of the Earth. The dynamical sculpting process enables observation of the complex correlation of systemic elements: sonification of seismic signals, surface deformation by electrical currents and light reflexions. These forces combined synthesize an nonlinear ecosystem in which information and matter interact in complex ways.

    Produced by the Visionary Culture Foundation with support from Ministry of Culture of Latvia, Latvia’s Centenary Office. 

    The artwork is developed by Voldemās Johansons in collaboration with Laboratory of MHD Technology at Institute of Physics of University of Latvia, MHD Research Centre. 

    Programming assistance: Dāvis Bojārs 
    Engineering assistance: Matīss Kalvāns
    Production: Austra Bērziņa (VCF)